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Fellow Concern Comrade jobs vacancies

Company Profile:

Fellow concern comrade is group of related Non- governmental Humanitarian professional employee institution that seek the welfare of their fellow colleagues in term of unemployment for whatever cost,  heath problem during unemployment and salary payment for its members for over the period of  unemployment and the proliferation of mutual affiliation that last a life time. The organization also builds member capacity for urban employment as well as rural employment, it serve as backup for it member finding solution for wrongful dismissal by employer through legal means. The scholarship arrangement help member to do real World courses which make employment possible in a short possible time. The institution also network and provide employment opportunity to its member. The overall vision of the institution is to ensure that qualified individual Must not suffer due to lack of employment opportunity; they should enjoy life while in search of employment.

Salaries of staff member shall be paid monthly to the employees with account. Staff members are encouraged to open personal bank accounts where salaries and other benefits could be deposited directly.FCC will put in place a medical scheme to cater for member only during their unemployment period. Such a medical scheme will not extend medical support to staff member’s spouse and their dependent. However negotiation might be made in case of serious emergency of members’ spouse and dependent identified by Tracing Manager.  

Job Description:


NOTE! The following are positions vacant within the institution. Candidate can apply after confirmation as member. The position will be as follow: Secretary of the treasury, High Level Administrator, Tracing Manager, and Network Manager. The four positions are senior managerial position within FCC.

Job Requirement:

1.      Friendly

2.      Work Experience

3.      instilling trust and confidence

4.      Liberia nationals strongly encouraged to apply

5.      Employment contract of at least 1 year or complete requirement by the institution


Application should be sent to:

Interested candidates are to submit CV/Resumé, addressed to

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