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We are a telephone company based in California USA seeking an individual with good english skill and basic computer and networking skill to run a number of Wimax Sites in Liberia. Potential for generous pay, but some people might not willing to take the risk because our phone business is known as telephone bypass, it is competing with Liberian national phone companies and they don't like it so they try to shut down our sites, However, we have operated successfully in the last 10 years in many countries without any incident. Our technology is full proof and everything is wireless so there is no way for anyone to find out. While not illegal, it is gray. It might not be for everyone. But many love this opportunity to be a renegade and make some good money. If you like this work, please email me back with your Skype, Phone Number, and let's talk.

Job Requirement:

Good English skills, basic computer knowledge.  Telecom experience is a plus

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