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Monrovia-based Facilitator/Consultant -- Training Resources Group   Job Details


Training Resources Group, Inc. is an employee-owned consulting firm based in Arlington, Virginia . Since 1973, TRG has provided organizational development and training services for U.S. government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private sector/commercial clients.

As an employee-owned firm, we are each personally committed to the work we do. We understand that our success is entirely dependent on our ability to help our clients achieve their business and service goals. Internally, we place a great deal of emphasis on nurturing a widely held ownership mentality and participatory culture.


Training Resources Group is currently seeking to hire an external consultant to provide short-term technical assistance in the area organizational development, facilitation and institutional capacity building in Liberia. The technical assistance is through a USAID-funded project on preparedness and response to emerging zoonotic threats.

Scope of Work/Objectives

1.      Apply organizational development and facilitation skills to support the design and development of activities, materials and overall preparation for activity implementation;

2.      Facilitate in-country workshops, trainings and other country-led processes using methodologies that engage participants and foster dialogue, collaboration and inclusive decision-making;

3.      Encourage reflection and learning through participant, partner and staff feedback, after-action reviews and reporting.




- Significant experience with design and facilitation of learning events (trainings, workshops, conferences, simulations, etc.)

- Based in Monrovia

- Ability to be deployed on assignments for up to 1 week

- Initial level of effort is expected to be 15-30 days until September 2018 (not all at once) with potential for continuing engagement

Preferred qualifications:

- Background or work experience facilitating in the health sector

- Background or work experience facilitating with government stakeholders

Overview of the Project

Recent infectious disease outbreaks over the last couple of decades, such as Ebola, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), and Zika, have had profound impacts, causing severe burdens on human livelihoods and economies, and posing global security threats. These outbreaks have galvanized support to build capacities to meet the requirements of the International Health Regulations (IHR-2005) and to advance the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA).

The One Health approach has emerged as a means to address these infectious disease threats. One Health is an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment. Working together, public health, veterinary medicine, environmental science experts, and other stakeholders can better prevent, detect and respond to disease events.

The project works in 15 countries to establish and strengthen multisectoral collaboration in the prevention, detection, and response to emerging disease threats. It accomplishes this by establishing or strengthening national One Health platforms designed to address these threats, drawing on representatives from a broad range of sectors. These platforms bring government agencies and others together to ensure increased preparedness and faster response times in the face of emerging pandemic threats like Ebola, HPAI and others.

As part of this project, TRG provides institutional capacity building expertise to help establish and strengthen platforms and government preparedness and response plans. One of our primary roles is to enhance collaboration among national, regional, and local government entities involved in platforms. Examples of our services include stakeholder engagement workshops that bring together public health, animal health, and environmental sectors at the country level, simulation exercises, and case studies to test standard operating procedures (SOPs).




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Job Category:   Accounting/Auditing
Job Type:   Consulting
Job Location:   Monrovia and frequent travel to other counties
Job Posted:   Nov 10, 2017
Job Expires:   Dec 31, 2017
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