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Procurement Superintendent -- Enshrine Placements   Job Details

World leader in mining and all major steel markets (emerging to mature), with a presence in two dozen countries across the globe.


Our client is one of the largest private investors in the country and have an aim of providing more job opportunities and economic stability throughout the country.

They currently have an opportunity for a Procurement Superintendent to lead all aspects of the procurement department with the objective of securing quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost and adhering to company strategy and corporate standards and requirements in all processes.

Position details:

Job description / core competencies:

  • Implement and carry out new and existing Supply Chain strategies to support the growth of the business.
  • Develop and maintain the company’s Supply Chain policies, processes, models and systems.
  • Manage the operational procurement function.
  • Manage a number of critical supply and contract agreements.
  • Actively plan and meet the material needs and contractual requirements.
  • Negotiate agreements with suppliers and maintain strong business relationships with them.
  • Participate in the development of an inventory reduction strategy.
  • Participate in the implementation of sustainable development policies and procedures.
  • Actively participate in and occasionally lead safety meetings and discussions.
  • Assist in the development of local suppliers and source quality goods and service providers globally as required by the company.
  • Identify potential savings opportunities and take appropriate action. Explore these ideas and complete a feasibility study for potential cost savings.
  • Continually review every aspect of the areas activities to ensure that opportunities to add value and enhance shareholder wealth are identified and brought forward for review.
  • Daily and month-end reporting to the Procurement / Supply Chain Manager.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with internal customers and external suppliers.
  • Monitor employee performance to ensure optimum performance and initiate appropriate action to remedy any substandard employee performance or behaviour.
  • Commitment to the development of local Liberian staff.
  • Provide direction, leadership and resources to all section managers and superintendents to ensure that an effective team operation is established and maintained, and that morale is maintained at a high level.
  • Oversee and assist in the development, implementation and monitoring systems and procedures to ensure operational targets are met, costs are minimised and all adverse variations are reported and remedied.
  • Ensure appropriate facilities, procedures and workforce competence to achieve legal compliance, incident prevention and the achievement of tasks in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Maintain and develop relationships with stakeholders in company’s activities, consistent with its Community Relations Policies.
  • Become actively involved in our aims and objectives of engaging with the local community and strive to leave a positive impact on the longer-term outcomes for local people. Promote the integration between this engagement and the success of the business.
  • Ensure the development and maintenance of up to date job procedures for all tasks performed within the function.
  • Develop objectives for sharing common infrastructure and support services across the company and cascade this throughout function.
  • Ensure effective communication with delegates prior to departure from site.
  • Manage the continual review of production targets and delivery of product to agreed quality, quantity, timing and cost.
  • Undertake continuous improvement programmes and initiatives to achieve and improve plant performance by diligent monitoring of trends, variables and resources.
  • Investigate, assess and where appropriate, trial new technology, keeping abreast of industry developments.
  • Be visible in the workplace.


  • Provide leadership necessary to ensure that employees and any contractors adhere to safety and environmental standards that meet or exceed industry standards and any applicable legislation.
  • Ensure all department personnel are adequately inducted in their work area and are aware of all workplace rules and critical procedures applying at the workplace.
  • Actively contribute to site safety policy and new initiatives and implement change as directed by the CEO.
  • Hold monthly safety meetings with department personnel and ensure the agreed action plans are achieved. Regularly review the outcomes of the OH&S and Environment Committee meetings.
  • Develop and promote a pro-active safety culture by the identification, development, and review of safe practices and procedures and by ensuring the awareness of all departmental personnel.
  • Actively promote, monitor and enforce compliance of personnel with safe work practices.
  • Ensure the department has an inspection program and monitor program compliance and inspection feedback monthly.
  • Ensure all incidents are reported and investigated according to company and statutory requirements and all recommended corrective actions are completed.
  • Ensure all health and hygiene risks in the work areas are identified and controlled.


  • Resource environmental programmes to ensure legal compliance and the reduction risk of environmental incidents through:
  • Provision of adequate facilities and equipment.
  • Participation in the development and enforcement of appropriate procedures.
  • Provision of awareness and skills training to ensure a competent workforce.
  • Ensure all incidents are reported and investigated according to company policy and statutory requirements and all recommended corrective actions are completed.
  • Seek advice and assistance from the Environment team in the development and implementation of improvement programmes to achieve aspects such as agreed eco-efficiency targets, hazardous waste disposal and spill clean-up.
  • Ensure quarterly environmental audits are conducted and any identified issues are addressed.

Employee Development

  • Develop and maintain a departmental structure that adheres to company policies, enables teamwork and personal development while focusing on the achievement of results.
  • Ensure training and coaching is provided to all department employees, with specific attention to National and Local employees as part of the company’s Training and Localisation Plan.
  • Ensure all members of the department have clearly defined accountabilities and roles and that individual development plans are in place to enable goals to be achieved.
  • Ensure all members of the department receive feedback on their performance and participate in formal GEDP and performance review processes.
  • Develop a succession plan for direct report roles.


  • Review capital requirements for department items, to meet long term objectives of the company.
  • Review departmental expenditure on a monthly basis and ensure all variances to budget are investigated and explained.
  • Identify specific areas for cost improvement and ensure the development and implementation of action plans to achieve these gains.
  • Coordinate compilation of the annual departmental budget.


  • Review and monitor all department safety, service level and financial performance indicators and initiate corrective action where necessary.
  • Deliver reports to the CEO on agreed performance indicators and to agreed standard and schedule.

Key (3-4) major business challenges or objectives job holder will need to address or drive in the next 12-24 months

  • Establish effective processes and systems for the assurance of a professional service and best practice.
  • Ensuring the timely provision of services, at the required quality and the best cost through the establishment of positive relationships with providers.
  • Accurate and correct prediction of product and material requirements in cooperation with departments.
  • Negotiate, establish and maintain sustainable contracts with suppliers and providers

Requirements of job holder to resolve the problems and respond effectively to the needs

  • Immediate analysis of problem.
  • Establishing the root cause of any problem.
  • Establish effective communication structures with departments and employees involved.

Key stakeholders & relationships that need to be managed by the position holder

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Other team members of the Procurement Department and subordinates
  • Other Departments such as Mine, Port, Rail etc.
  • Finance Team
  • Suppliers

Measures of success after the first 1-2 years (KPAs & KPIs)

  • Effective and satisfactory systems and procedures in place.
  • Professional service with the timely delivery of quality products, materials and equipment to the various departments.
  • Good working relations with providers.

Potential consequences of the job holder NOT successfully executing in support of the specific drivers of the business/cultural priorities

  • Systems, structures and procedures not in place or ineffective.
  • Materials and equipment not delivered at the right time.
  • Poor quality materials and equipment.
  • Contracts and agreements that are not in the interest of the company’s growth.

Factors important to an individuals cultural fit in this job

  • Well-spoken (command of English).
  • Adaptability and resilience.
  • Good working and living relationships.
  • Acceptance and respect of the Liberian culture.

Organizational knowledge (e.g., systems, processes, products, services, etc.) necessary to operate effectively in this job

  • Procurement systems and procedures.
  • Understanding of products and materials.
  • Good knowledge and relationships with providers.
  • Company policies and procedures.

Country: Liberia

Location: Buchanan


Education Requirements for this position (formal qualifications) Essential

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement


  • Management Qualification

Key experiences needed prior to taking this position Essential

  • Minimum 10 years Procurement experience with at least 5 years at a supervisory level in the mining industry.
  • Good understanding of financial implications.
  • Strong contract negotiating experience.
  • Proven ability to deliver results and act as a change agent.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a team safely and improve team safety awareness.
  • High level understanding of all relevant legislation affecting the employment and safety of persons in the mining industry in Liberia.
  • Experience in managing costs and budgeting.
  • Demonstrated application of continuous improvement ideas.
  • Experience in incident/accident investigation.
  • Proven ability to deliver results and act as a change agent.


  • Prior experience in similar roles in Africa. Demonstrated positive outcomes will be an advantage.

Specific skills required for this position Essential

  • Solid understanding of preparation or development of structures and systems to ensure compliance.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Broad knowledge of procurement within a mining context.
  • Good knowledge of products, equipment and materials required in the Mining, Port and Rail departments.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate and lead teams of highly skilled and experienced personnel having diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Able to clearly demonstrate the aptitude to drive a light vehicle and hold a current Liberian driver’s license or be able to obtain one.
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills in English and show a commitment to understand local culture and impart your mining operations and technical knowledge to the local Liberian mine operations personnel.
  • Able to deliver results on quoted targets.
  • Able to construct systems that are the best method now and sustainable into the future.
  • Provide support without removing responsibility (to build ownership).
  • Seeks to engage with all people associated with Operations and to understand, learn from and share cultural differences.
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills in English and show a commitment to understand local culture and impart your mining operations and technical knowledge to the local Liberian mine operations personnel.
  • Demonstrated application of continuous improvement ideas.

Computer Skills:

  • Good computer skills with the ability to use integrated management systems, word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications.

Communication Skills:

  • Ability to communicate effectively across all levels.
  • Confident communicator with senior management, legal entities and external stakeholders.
  • Strong report writing and presentation skills.
  • Able to read and write English at an Upper Secondary School standard.


  • Maintains or enhances other’s self-esteem.
  • Listens and responds with empathy.
  • Knowledge of Liberian customs and legal processes.

Personal Attributes needed to fulfil requirements of position Essential

  • Be physically fit and be able to pass a pre-employment medical examination.
  • Commitment to training of Liberian national citizens.
  • Able to deliver results on quoted targets.
  • Able to build relationships and engage people in continuous improvement processes.
  • Always identifies the priorities correctly and works in a self-directed manner.
  • Constructs systems that are the best method now and sustainable into the future.
  • Able to step back from direct control of hands-on work.
  • Successfully delegates and trusts specialist staff for technical support.
  • Manages interacting projects.
  • Shares thoughts, feelings and rationale (to build trust).
  • Provide support without removing responsibility (to build ownership).
  • Seeks to engage with all people associated with Operations and to understand, learn from and share cultural differences.


  • Prepared to challenge the way we do things.


Job Category:   Logistics/Procurement
Job Type:   Permenent
Job Location:  
Job Posted:   Nov 22, 2017
Job Expires:   Dec 31, 2017
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